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There are a lot of aspects of building houses that require much planning, experience and skill. We have a team and network of talented and smart individuals who work together to build quality homes for families like yours! 

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Our Mission - Have Fun Enriching Lives


Our team is dedicated to making your life easier! It is important that we walk alongside you in the new home process with a special attention to detail. We know you will appreciate our knack for quality!

Joshua Sibert - Builder

Joshua Sibert


Joshua has been around construction his whole life! His grandfather started Rochester Homes and Josh began roofing at the age of 13. He brings a unique perspective as a home builder with his experience and education in real estate as well as property management. He enjoys working with his customers and walking with them alongside the exciting homebuilding journey!

Cole Voss - Sales Rep. and Estimator

Cole Voss

Sales Rep. and Estimator

Cole brings experience in accounting and business management. With his excellent communication, he loves being the first point of contact on a project. He wants the BBS customers to accomplish their home goals so he works hard at helping customers design solutions that are high quality and afforable.

Rick Klotz - Site Manager

Rick Klotz

Site Manager

Rick comes with years of experience in contracting and has owned his own construction business. He is a skilled project manager with a knack for quality and a passion for serving his customers. He excels at taking a project from start to finish and providing the customer with an end result they love!

Chris Bandy - Site Manager

Chris (Buddy) Bandy

Site Manager

Chris has 15 years experience in real estate investing and remodeling apartments and houses. He has also been a Licensed Home inspector for the past 8 years. His extensive knowledge and experience enable Chris to properly manage construction sites from start to finish and to ensure a quality finished product for our clients.

Zach Lewis - Project and Office Manager

Zach Lewis

Project and Office Manager

Zach has a background in project management & luxury cabinet design. He enjoys the details & believes the little things are what really make a project worthwhile. Communication & accuracy are his passions and he enjoys making sure customers are confident in their new builds.

Core Values

Treat others the way you would like to be treated

Bring joy to the world

 Be proactive and intelligent